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Card from Lindsey [Colemand?] of the York Regional Police Communications "D" Platoon, Ontario, Canada, c. 2007. Transcription reads "Your helping hands touched the hearts of so amy people…Yal [sic] are all in my toughts & prayers.. Love, Lindsey…

A handwritten letter from Zedia Abell. The cover has the words "To: Virginia Tech" and a drawing of heart. The inside has a positive message and poem that expresses sympathy to VT students with a couple of hearts.

Song written and performed by Randy Alcorn in response to the April 16, 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech.

Letter of condolence from Randy Alcorn to Virginia Tech President Charles W. Steger, Jr.

A handwritten letter from Kris Allen from Sasebo, Japan. The letter has a cut out of a man and written inside of the man is a message of sending prayers across the sea.

A handwritten letter from Nancy Alondra. The cover has "Sorry" with a frowny face. The inside has a positive message, sending condolences to Virginia Tech and its students.

The stained glass, gold-plated figure is an angel kneeling in prayer with a VT belt. An attached note says it is hand crafted by the Angels of Love organization. The note also says "This angel is freely given - they are never sold."

A handwritten letter from Igor Aravjo. The letter sends thoughts and prayers and condolences to VT students.

A handwritten letter from Antonio Arenas. The cover has the word "VT." . The inside has a drawing of the United States with VT written inside it all over. It also has the message, "Today we are VT Hokies."

A handwritten letter from Ashley Avalos. On the front cover, the letter has hand drawn hearts and stamps that say "Bless you." On the inside, it has a heart in the middle that says "Dear Virginia Tech, I am sorry for what happened in your school."…

One memory book with photographs, letters, and dedication of tree planting from Baker University.

Card from Paula Baldock of the York Regional Police Communications, Ontario, Canada, c. 2007. Transcription reads "Virginia Tech Police Dispach Center / My thoughts and prayrs arewith all of you tryingto move on from such a senseless trajedy [sic].…

Letter from Anthony V. Bardo to Megan L. Armbruster, Recovery Coordinator, Virginia Tech Office of Recovery & Support, regarding the song "33 Gone" written by Bardo and performed by The Fabulous Dialtones in response to the April 16, 2007 shootings.

Berklee College of Music tribute video created in response to the April 16, 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech.

Letter of condolence from Dustin Berry and Nicole Aguilar to Virginia Tech.

Letter of condolence from Lawrence E. Bethune to Dean Jerry Niles, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences.

This map of the Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College campus has notes on buildings and the natural landscape, such as location of stone and trees. It dates to 1882 with additional notes from 1902.

An underground progressive newspaper published by The Blacksburg Free Press between 1968 and 1970. The articles were written mainly by Virginia Tech students and members of the Blacksburg community.
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