Lyrics, "You Do Not Grieve Alone", Vance Thurston, Undated (Ms2008-020)

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You Do Not Grieve Alone

Chorus: You do not grieve alone, you do not grieve alone
In the sorrow of this tragedy, you do not grieve alone

Senseless acts of violence, shake us to the core
Family, friends and teachers, not with us anymore
Tragedy that goes beyond the why of reasons fair
We pray that you can bear the pain and rise above despair Chorus:

Too small these words to comfort loss or heal the ache of grief
Too small what we can do or say and yet we try to speak
We hold you tender in our hearts, ever know we care
For love will dawn through darkest night as in your grief we share
Chorus or instrumental:

There's a place beyond our sorrow, where tears become new day
Where you again will learn to laugh and even dance and play
A place of hope where cherished memories of love can be
A place to which we will prevail and wake with Spirit free Chorus:

In the sorrow of this tragedy, you do not grieve alone
"with love and prayers"

Vance Thurston

Words and music copyright 2007
May be used for memorial remembrance