33 Gone

"33 Gone" written by Anthony V. Bardo and performed by The Fabulous Dialtones 

Didn’t see it coming, couldn’t read the clues
A troubled man who figured he had nothing left to lose
Sunday evening in the Blue Ridge and everything seemed alright
26,000 innocent people settled for the night
They came from almost everywhere. They came from all around.
Looking for the dream life in this special little town
The campus wakes up unaware that something’s going wrong.
They wake up to the day they’d never knew would last so long.

32 Lives – start the day they thought they’d be with all their friends
32 Tried – to do the best they could to see them all again.
32 Died – with the one who wanted everything to end.
33 Gone, 33 Gone

And the families are driven to the depths of their despair
The press keeps asking questions, but do they really care
“Why would you want to stay here? What took so very long?”
But hindsight won’t retrieve them and they’ve got the story wrong, so wrong.
Now the small town’s innocence has cruelly gone away.
Lost the peaceful feeling that they had most every day.
How will we take care of all the loved ones left behind?
Candles, colors, flowers only last a short, short time.
And I want to know why did they all have to die
Yeah, I want to know where and when and how
‘Cause I wanna believe that if we can all grieve
Then we can begin to heal right here and now