Angels in Paradise

"Angels in Paradise" by Tico St. John

I miss your smiling faces
And your laughter in the air
I miss your warm embraces
And the good times that we shared

[Chorus] I know someday we’ll meet again
As long as I live right
I know you're safe
Each one of your are my angels in paradise

Lookin’ at your photographs
Brought sweet memories to me
Teenage boys and girls
Men and women were you to be


Angry, sad, and angry
I can’t lie, yes this is true
Sleepless nights
Oh God help me
I must hold on to you
I still look at the window
Still wait for your phone calls
Then I realize
You’re not here anymore
As my tears fall to the floor

Woah, woah

I still see you in my dreams
As if time was standing still
Your surroundings quite serene
As the years go by I heal