"Blacksburg" by Jerry Phillips

On a cold April morning
A touch of snow
An evil wind was blowing
That chilled right to the bone
A young man woke this morning
His heart had turned to stone
He selfishly cried today I will die
But I will not go alone

The serenity of Blacksburg was about to come undone
Those demons in this young man's head had him on the run
For this young disturbed man
Who’s heart had turned to stone
Took the innocence of Blacksburg on this cold, cold April morn'

Blacksburg we love you
You’re in our thoughts and prayers
And in your darkest hour the world prays and cares
Virginia Tech, your southern pride, it will not be denied
God has his arms around those angels
Proudly by his side

God has laid his hands upon you
And taught you to be strong
With a loving God by your side
Hokie pride will carry on
Virginia Tech we love you
And the world now knows your name
It offers prayers and comfort
To help you heal your pain

Well that Hokie nation grows ever stronger, with each passing day
Because your present tears, will last for years and years
All those fallen angels we have lost today