Pre-World War II Thanksgiving at V.P.I.

Web exhibit version of the 1994 "Pre-World War II Thanksgiving at V.P.I." publication by Col. Harry D. Temple. This publication was produced for the Friends of the Virginia Tech Libraries and was re-created as a digital exhibit in the mid-1990s. 

Please note: This exhibit was migrated to Omeka in 2022 from its previous iteration as a web exhibit, first published in 1994. Some images may be of low or limited quality, as they were captured from the previous exhibit and not re-scanned. For the most part, the migrated exhibit has been re-created as close to the original form as Omeka allows. Titles were created for booklet pages, based on the textual content, to enhance navigation.


Original publication by Col. Harry D. Temple in 1994. Migration of legacy exhibit by Special Collections and University Archives staff in 2022.